Belize vs. Grenada

Final result: 4:2

End of Second Half
92. min 4:2 Grenada Kimron Marshall replaces Irvin Smith
88. min 4:2 Belize Kyle Flowers replaces Elroy Smith
88. min 4:2 Grenada Chad Mark replaces Kwazim Theodore
84. min 4:2 Belize Trimayne Harris replaces Michael Salazar
83. min 4:2 Grenada Saydrel Lewis replaces Shavon John-Brown
83. min 4:2 Grenada Rickson Phillip replaces Kennedy Hinkson
81. min 4:2 Belize Najib Guerra replaces Elroy Kuylen
79. min 4:2 Belize Collin Westby replaces Daniel Jiménez
77. min 4:2 Grenada Alek Wilson replaces Alec Jones
74. min 4:2 Belize Elroy Smith scored a penalty!
69. min 3:2 Belize Victor Mejia was cautioned with a yellow card.
66. min 3:2 Belize Norman Anderson replaces Ian Gaynair
66. min 3:2 Grenada Ethan Francois-Ravalier replaces Tahj Joseph
60. min 3:2 Belize Andrés Makin replaces Jesse Smith
58. min 3:2 Grenada Leon St John was cautioned with a yellow card.
53. min 3:2 Grenada Kairo Mitchell scored a goal (assist by Leon St John)!
Begin of Second Half
End of First Half
40. min 3:1 Belize Elroy Smith scored a goal!
39. min 2:1 Grenada Jason Belfon was cautioned with a yellow card.
24. min 2:1 Belize Jarret Davis scored a goal (assist by Denmark Jr Casey)!
11. min 1:1 Belize Michael Salazar scored a goal (assist by Jarret Davis)!
2. min 0:1 Grenada Ricky Modeste scored a goal (assist by Shavon John-Brown)!
Begin of First Half

Belize Belize National Football Association

Grenada Grenada Football Association

Isidoro Beaton Stadium

  • Opened: -
  • Capacity: 2500
  • Capacity intl.: 2500
  • Owner: -
  • City: Belmopan
  • Country: Belize