Belize vs. Bahamas

Final result: 4:0

End of Second Half
95. min 4:1 Belize Krisean Lopez scored a goal (assist by Elroy Smith)!
87. min 3:1 Bahamas Jaelin Williams replaces Jonathan Miller
79. min 3:1 Belize Krisean Lopez scored a goal (assist by Mike Atkinson)!
78. min 2:1 Bahamas Ian Lowe replaces Mario Johnson
76. min 2:1 Belize Trimayne Harris replaces Deon McCaulay
62. min 2:1 Belize Krisean Lopez replaces Jarret Davis
57. min 2:1 Belize Mike Atkinson replaces Andrés Makin
55. min 2:1 Bahamas Jordan Farquharson replaces Chadwick Russell
55. min 2:1 Belize Deon McCaulay scored an own goal!
46. min 2:0 Bahamas Isiah Collie was cautioned with a yellow card.
Begin of Second Half
End of First Half
44. min 2:0 Bahamas Jonathan Miller scored an own goal!
40. min 1:0 Belize Deon McCaulay scored a goal (assist by Najib Guerra)!
Begin of First Half

Belize Belize National Football Association

Bahamas Bahamas Football Association

Isidoro Beaton Stadium

  • Opened: -
  • Capacity: 2500
  • Capacity intl.: 2500
  • Owner: -
  • City: Belmopan
  • Country: Belize